Everything Needed for Enlightenment

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Osho, techniques are shortcuts, revolutions, but are not these against Tao, swabhav, the nature?

Everything Needed for Enlightenment
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Osho, techniques are shortcuts, revolutions, but are not these against Tao, swabhav, the nature?

Osho continues:
"Whatsoever happens, happens; you have no expectations and of course, no frustrations.

"Life flows by, you flow in it. You have no goal to reach, because with the goal effort enters. You have nowhere to go, because if you have somewhere to go, effort will come in; it is implied. You have nowhere to go, nowhere to reach, no goal, no ideal; nothing is to be achieved – you surrender all.

"In this surrendering moment, in this very moment, all will happen to you. Effort will take time; surrender will not take time. Technique will take time; surrender will not take time. That's why I call it the ultimate technique. It is a no-technique. You cannot practice it – you cannot practice surrender. If you practice, it is not surrender. Then you are relying on yourself; then you are not totally helpless; then you are trying to do something – even if it is surrender, you are trying to do it. Then technique will come in, and with technique time enters, future enters.

"Surrender is non-temporal; it is beyond time. If you surrender, this very moment you are out of time, and all that can happen, will happen. But then you are not searching for it, not seeking it; you are not greedy for it. You have no mind for it at all: whether it happens or not, it is all the same to you.

"Tao means surrender – surrender to swabhav, to nature. Then you are not. Tantra and Yoga are techniques. Through them you will reach to swabhav, but it will be a long process. Ultimately after every technique you will have to surrender, but with techniques it will come in the end; with Tao, in Tao, it comes in the beginning. If you can surrender right now, no technique is needed, but if you cannot, and if you ask me how to surrender, then a technique is needed. So, rarely in millions and millions of men, one can surrender without asking how. If you ask 'how,' you are not the right type who can surrender, because the 'how' means you are asking for a technique.

"These techniques are for all those who cannot get rid of this 'how.' These techniques are just to get rid of your basic anxiety about 'how' – how to do it."
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