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This shop carries the complete works of Osho.

The way Osho works is as follows: Osho gives extemporaneous talks, which means he simply speaks in a spontaneous way in response to questions and Sutras which are presented to him, or any other topic which may be of value to his listeners.

These talks are usually about 90 minutes long and are almost all available as individual audiobooks; many are also available as video recordings. These talks are then transcribed and made available in book form - historically in paper print, and now increasingly in a digital eBook format.

Each talk is a part of a series of talks - a book comprises one full series, with each single talk as a chapter. 

The book is then typically translated into multiple languages. OSHO books are currently available in over 60 different languages. Similarly, a talk in video format can be available with subtitles in multiple languages.

In summary: almost all the original talks are available as audiobooks, and many are also available as paper books, eBooks and video recordings.


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Meditation: The First and Last Freedom Awareness












A series of audiobooks
based on a series of
Osho Talks

Individual audiobook
based on a single
Osho Talk

A selected individual
audiobook based on
a single Osho talk 

Individual audiobook
based on an excerpt
from an Osho Talk 

Series of Talks Individual Audiotalk

Why Is Love So Painfull


 Bringing Up Children


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OSHO NoDimensions Mediation

Basho's pont Music


OSHO Kundalini Meditation


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