Kaivalya Upanishads: Our Projections

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"That Art Thou" is a series of talks given by Osho on the Upanishads during different meditation camps.
"That Art Thou" is a series of talks given by Osho on the Upanishads during different meditation camps.

Osho continues:
"You can project whatsoever you have in your mind, onto anything. That's why philosophers have been trying to define what beauty is, but they have never been able. It cannot be defined; not because it is something indefinable, but because it is an individual projection. It is not something objective which can be defined. It is not objective at all; it is just a subjective feeling. So not only may someone think something is ugly while you are thinking it is beautiful, it may happen that in the morning you thought it was beautiful, and in the evening you yourself begin to feel it is ugly. And the thing remains the same – the object remains the same, the screen remains the same. You go on projecting, then the screen changes, and the object begins to look like something else.

"This phenomenon of projection is basic to our minds. We live not in the objective world, but in a projected world. Once you being to understand this, the whole phenomenon changes. So there is not only one world, but there are as many worlds as there are minds.

"Everyone is living in his own individual world – multi-worlds, multi-universes. You have your own world that belongs to you; it is not something which can be participated in by anyone else. Participation is impossible when there is projection. When there is hypnosis, participation is impossible; we cannot share it. I feel someone is good, you feel he is not, and there is no sharing. I feel someone is a saint; he may be, he may not be, but it is my projection.

"Any movement is possible unconsciously and consciously. You are eating: you can eat in a mechanical way, not aware of the process, not conscious, not mindful – just going on eating mechanically, unconsciously, robotlike. You can walk on the streets unconsciously, not even aware that you are walking, that your legs are moving – you go on moving, robotlike. Someone hits you, someone abuses you, someone condemns you; anger bubbles up – you are not aware.

"It works as if someone has pushed a button, and the light is on: someone abuses you, someone has pushed the button, and the anger is on. You are behaving in a mechanical way, not aware of what is happening; not aware that anger is coming to you, that anger is surrounding you, that anger is taking charge of your mind, of your body; that now you will be pulled and manipulated by your anger – no, not even aware. You are not aware; it just happens and you go on following a mechanical trend."
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