Adhyatma Upanishads: Just Words

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From:That Art Thou

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"That Art Thou" is a series of talks given by Osho on the Upanishads during different meditation camps.
"That Art Thou" is a series of talks given by Osho on the Upanishads during different meditation camps.

Osho continues:
"And mind is just a mechanism, a natural computer. It feeds on words and then creates more words out of them. Then you go on associating those words, you go on creating principles, philosophy systems. And ultimately, where are you?

"Truth is not a by-product of a long process of words. Truth is not a word at all. Truth is outside of words: truth is beyond words or below words. Truth is experience, not words. Truth cannot be said, because when you say something, language has to be used, words have to be used. And truth is not a word, so when you say it, you miss it. The moment you say it you have missed it – it cannot be said. It can only be experienced; it can only be lived. Unless you live it, you cannot know it.

"But we know – that’s the problem; rather, we know too much; we know more than enough. What is our knowledge? – words accumulated. You can accumulate them logically, rationally. You can create an edifice, a beautiful system, just as you can make a house with playing cards, but you cannot live in it. It is a house just in name; you cannot live in it. Out of words you can create a palace, a system, a philosophy – but you cannot live in it.

"Philosophers create beautiful systems, but they always live outside of them. They cannot live in them, that is impossible. Nothing is wrong with them; the very system is such that it cannot be lived in.

"An Immanuel Kant or a Hegel… they create principles and hypotheses out of words; they go on explaining the whole universe, but they themselves remain unexplained. They can explain the whole cosmos; they can say how the world was created; they can say what destiny is. And look inside them, dig deep and you find very miserable men, just as unhappy as anyone, as much in hell as anyone.

"Don't believe in words.

"They are the greatest deception created by humanity."
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