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A twenty-minute technique to cleanse the body and awaken your creativity.
A twenty-minute technique to cleanse the body and awaken your creativity.

Osho talks about Golden Light Meditation:
"The Golden Flower is the light. One uses the Golden Flower as a symbol. The phrase ‘The lead of the water-region has but one taste’ refers to it.

"The golden flower is a symbol, the symbol of when your energies are no more dual and have become one: great light is released, and the light is golden. It is as if a flower of golden light has opened in you. And it is not just a symbol. It is a symbol but it is almost literally true; it happens exactly like that. Right now you exist as a darkness, as a dark night. Then you exist as a sunrise. You cannot see the sun anywhere but the light is there. There is no source to it – it is a sourceless light. But once you have known that golden light in you, you have become an immortal. Then there is no death because the light never dies.

"The whole life, the whole existence consists of nothing but of light – all are forms of light. You can ask modern physics too, and modern physics is in perfect agreement with Tao, that all is light; forms go on changing, but thelight continues. Light is eternal.

"Many scriptures of the world begin with the word light. ‘;In the beginning God said, ‘Let there be light’.’ That is the beginning. If there had ever been a beginning, it cannot be otherwise; it had to have been with light. But there has never been a beginning; this is just a parable! Light has existed always. The Koran says God is light. One of the names of God given by the Sufis isNoor. Noor means light.

"And the taste is the same – whether it happens in me or it happens in you, the taste is the same. The taste of buddhahood is the same. Buddha has said: ‘The taste of buddhahood is like the ocean. You can taste it from the north or from the south, or from this part or from that part, from the shore or from the middle, but the taste of the ocean is the same. So is the taste of buddhahood.’ The moment a person attains to this eternal light, his life has a single flavor. That flavor is contained by absolute awareness: his unconscious has disappeared, there is no longer any dark part in his being.

"The work on the circulation of the light depends entirely on the backward-flowing movement, so that the thoughts are gathered together. The heavenly heart lies between sun and moon."

Osho, The Secrets of Secrets, Chapter #1
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