Existence Is Not Just Matter

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From:The Transmission of the Lamp

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Osho responds to a question addressing the fear of intelligence.
Existence Is Not Just Matter
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Osho responds to a question addressing the fear of intelligence.

Talk from the original series: The Transmission of the Lamp, #26
Osho continues:
"Don′t be against intelligence if it goes in tune with your innocence. Innocence alone becomes ignorance. Intelligence alone becomes cunningness. They both together are neither ignorance nor cunningness, but simply a receptivity, an openness, a heart which is capable of wondering at the smallest thing in life.

"And the man who knows the feeling of wonder, to me, is the only religious man. It is through his wonder that he comes to know that existence is not just matter, it cannot be. It is not a logical conclusion for him, not a belief for him, but a real experience. Such a beautiful experience, so mysterious, so unfathomable, indicates tremendous intelligence in him.

"But existence is not cunning. It is very simple, it is innocent. If you can keep these two qualities together, you need nothing else. These two will lead you to the ultimate goal of self realization." Osho
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