The Book of Women

A Celebration of Women and the Female Spirit
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Osho looks to the female spirit in all of us as a way to nurture the soul and cultivate a healthy relationship with spirituality.
Osho looks to the female spirit in all of us as a way to nurture the soul and cultivate a healthy relationship with spirituality.

Excerpt from Chapter 1: Female
It seems to me that you are the first man this planet has ever known who really understands women and accepts them. Please comment.

"I have told you that a woman is to be loved, not understood. That is the first understanding.

"Life is so mysterious that our hands cannot reach to its heights, our eyes cannot look into its deepest mystery. Understanding any expression of existence – men or women or trees or animals or birds – is the function of science, not of a mystic. I am not a scientist. To me, science itself is a mystery, and now scientists have started to recognize it. They are dropping their old, stubborn, superstitious attitude that one day they will know all that is to be known.

"With Albert Einstein the whole history of science has taken a very different route because the more he went into the deepest core of matter, the more he became puzzled. All logic was left behind, all rationality was left behind. You cannot dictate to existence, because it does not follow your logic. Logic is man-made. There was a point in Albert Einstein’s life when he remembers that he was wavering about whether to insist on being rational…but that would be foolish. It would be human, but not intelligent. Even if you insist on logic, on rationality, existence is not going to change according to your logic; your logic has to change according to existence. And the deeper you go, existence becomes more and more mysterious. A point comes when you have to leave logic and rationality and just listen to nature. I call it the ultimate understanding – but not in the ordinary sense of understanding. You know it, you feel it, but there is no way to say it.

"Man is a mystery, woman is a mystery, everything that exists is a mystery – and all our efforts to figure it out are going to fail. …

"Everything is mysterious: It is better to enjoy it rather than trying to understand it. Ultimately the man who goes on trying to understand life proves to be a fool, and the man who enjoys life becomes wise and goes on enjoying life, because he becomes more and more aware of the mysterious that surrounds us." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:
woman... spirit... receptivity... liberation... femininity... joy... love... creativity... emotions... wisdom...
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