What Is the Art of Living?

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"Be courageous and don’t escape from anywhere. Wherever your inner life leads you, go!"
Excerpted from: Absolute Tao, #10, Question 4, Question 4
"Be courageous and don’t escape from anywhere. Wherever your inner life leads you, go!"

Osho continues:
"Don′t bother where it (life) leads you. Sometimes it will lead you astray, that I know, but to go astray is also part of life. Nobody can always be right, and people who try always to be right die almost absolute failures. Don′t be bothered that you may go astray, if life leads you astray, go! Go happily! The energy that leads you astray will bring you back. That sojourn may be a part of the final growth.

"This is my experience: that in the end one finds that everything fits together. Everything that you did, good and bad, right and wrong, moral and immoral – whatsoever you did, in the end one finds life is really wonderful, everything fits. If you look back you would not like to change anything, because if you change even a part then the whole would be changed.

"This is what acceptance is. This is what the Hindu attitude about fate or the Mohammedan attitude about kismet is. The attitude is very simple, only this: whatsoever happens, take it as part of your destiny. Move into it. Don′t withhold yourself.

"If you have to err, err – but err totally. If you have to fall, fall – but fall like a drunkard, completely. Don′t resist, because then you miss. If you have to live in darkness, live in darkness – but happily and dancingly. Why be miserable? If you are feeling hell around you, feel it – it may be part of your destiny, part of your growth.

"Of course I know that when one passes through hell, it is very difficult. That I know. Because growth is difficult. When one passes through a problem, a heart-rending problem, a crisis, one wants to escape; one wants not to face it; one wants to be a coward. But that way you will miss something that was going to become a part of the final whole, of the final harmony. If you have lived totally… I don′t make any conditions. I say live unconditionally." Osho
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