Priests and Politicians: The Mafia of the Soul

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"For five thousand years the politician and the priest have been in the same business."
"For five thousand years the politician and the priest have been in the same business."

OSHO On Priests and Politicians
OSHO on the conspiracy:
“Can’t you see a simple conspiracy between the priest and the politician? The masses are befooled. The priest gives the sanction from God: certifies that this is the right man to be the president, this is the right man to be the vice president, the prime minister. Of course, the politician needs it because the masses will listen to the priest: the priest is impartial, he has nothing to do with politics, he is above politics. He is not! The priest is in the hands of the politicians."

OSHO on selling hope:
“The politicians have been selling hope for thousands of years, the priests have been selling hope. And it is strange that after such a long time, they are still doing business. The man seems to be fast asleep, without looking at the whole strategy. The priests and the politicians have to disappear from the earth. Only then the new man – rich, comfortable, skillful, creative – can come into being.“

OSHO on the motivation of Priests and Politicians:
"Politicians and priests have always been in a certain conspiracy. The conspiracy is that they both need wars, they both need poverty, they both need people in suffering, misery; orphans, widows, sick people – they both need all these people."

"The politician claims that he is dying for the nation, when in reality he is dying for his chair, for his position. The chair has become synonymous with the nation.If his chair is lost he would not care a bit for the nation; he would let it go to hell. Similarly, the priest proclaims that he is dying for God and religion when in reality he is dying for his position in the church; he is dying for his ego."

"You are being hypnotized by the businessmen, political leaders, educationists, priests because everybody has an investment in you being hypnotized. Then you can be used. The politicians go on saying, “This is your mother country, and if your mother country is in difficulty, go to war and become a martyr.” What nonsense! The whole earth is your mother."

"All the educational systems prevalent in the world are nothing but strategies to create ego trips, to create ambitious minds. Priests and politicians support them because if ambition is not inflamed in you, there will be no politics; if ambition is not inflamed in you, you will never feel frustrated. A non-ambitious man never feels frustrated. Why should he feel frustrated? He never expected anything in the first place; you can't frustrate him."

In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:
priests, politicians, power, abuse, conditioning, suicide, rebellion, deprograming, meditation, freedom
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