Shadow of the Pines

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Let these tracks take you into silence, where you become the shadow...
Shadow of the Pines
Let these tracks take you into silence, where you become the shadow...

Excerpt from: Osho, The Great Pilgrimage: From Here to Here, Chapter 21
"Music consists of sound and silences. Philosophy is only so much prose, just words and words and words. The word is a secondary phenomenon. Sound is a primary phenomenon. You can listen to the music of a waterfall, you can listen to the music of wind passing through the pine treesnothing is said, but much is understood. The wind passing through the pine trees has no words, but it has a sound.

"Music is a higher system than philosophy, because music is something in between philosophy and philosia; in other words it is something between words and silence, perhaps just a midway overnight stay. If you fall back, you can become a philosopher. If you go ahead, you can become a mystic. Falling back means losing sounds and catching hold of words. Going forward means losing even sounds and just entering into silence because music consists of both the sound and silence. It is a rhythm, a dance, hand in hand between sound and silence.

"A musician can easily become a meditator, he is very close. There is nothing closer to meditation than music– wordless, meaningless, but tremendously significant. It says nothing but shows much, expresses nothing but brings to you a great splendor. From musician move towards the mystic. The day your music consists only of silence, you have arrived home." Osho
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