The Book of Children

Supporting the Freedom and Intelligence of a New Generation (Foundations of a New Humanity)
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This book calls for a “children’s liberation movement” to break through old patterns and create opportunities for an entirely new way of relating as human beings.
This book calls for a “children’s liberation movement” to break through old patterns and create opportunities for an entirely new way of relating as human beings.

Excerpt from: The Book of Children

It is the child’s experience that haunts intelligent people their whole life. They want it again – the same innocence, the same wonder, the same beauty. It is now a faraway echo; it seems as if you have seen it in a dream.

But the whole of religion is born out of the haunting childhood experience of wonder, of truth, of beauty, of life in its beautiful dance all around. In the songs of the birds, in the colors of the rainbows, in the fragrance of the flowers the child goes on remembering deep in his being that he has lost a paradise.

It is not a coincidence that all the religions of the world have the idea in parables that once man lived in paradise and somehow, for some reason he has been expelled from that paradise. They are different stories, different parables, but signifying one simple truth: these stories are just a poetic way to say that every man is born in paradise and then loses it. The retarded, the unintelligent completely forget about it.

But the intelligent, the sensitive, the creative go on being haunted by the paradise that they have known once and now only a faint memory, unbelievable, has remained with them. They start searching for it again.

The search for paradise is the search for your childhood again. Of course your body will no more be a child’s, but your consciousness can be as pure as the consciousness of the child. This is the whole secret of the mystical path: to make you a child again, innocent, unpolluted by any knowledge, not knowing anything, still aware of everything that surrounds you, with a deep wonder and a sense of a mystery that cannot be demystified.


Nobody allows their children to dance and to sing and to shout and to jump. For trivial reasons – perhaps something may get broken, perhaps they may get their clothes wet in the rain if they run out; for these small things – a great spiritual quality, playfulness, is completely destroyed.

The obedient child is praised by his parents, by his teachers, by everybody, and the playful child is condemned. His playfulness may be absolutely harmless, but he is condemned because there is potentially a danger of rebellion. If the child goes on growing with full freedom to be playful, he will turn out to be a rebel. He will not be easily enslaved; he will not be easily put into armies to destroy people or to be destroyed himself.

In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:
Childhood… rebellion… conditioning… parenting… self-respect… intelligence… obedience… maturity… freedom…
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