Tao: The Three Treasures (Set of 4 volumes)

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A boxed set of Tao: The Three Treasures: Talks on the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, in 4 volumes
A boxed set of Tao: The Three Treasures: Talks on the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, in 4 volumes

Excerpt from: Absolute Tao, Volume 01, Chapter 1
"Historians are doubtful about his existence. I cannot doubt his existence because how can I doubt my own existence? The moment I became possible, he became true to me. Even if history proves that he never existed it makes no difference to me; he must have existed because I exist–I am the proof. During the following days, when I speak on Lao Tzu, it is not that I speak on somebody else. I speak on myself–as if Lao Tzu is speaking through a different name, a different namarupa, a different incarnation.

"Lao Tzu is not like Mahavir, not mathematical at all, yet he is very, very logical in his madness. He has a mad logic! When we penetrate into his sayings you will come to feel it; it is not so obvious and apparent. He has a logic of his own: the logic of absurdity, the logic of paradox, the logic of a madman. He hits hard.

"Mahavir's logic can be understood even by blind men. To understand Lao Tzu's logic you will have to create eyes. It is very subtle, it is not the ordinary logic of the logicians–it is the logic of a hidden life, a very subtle life. Whatsoever he says is on the surface absurd; deep down there lives a very great consistency. One has to penetrate it; one has to change his own mind to understand Lao Tzu. Mahavir you can understand without changing your mind at all; as you are, you can understand Mahavir. He is on the same line. Howsoever much ahead of you he may have reached the goal, he is on the same line, the same track.

"When you try to understand Lao Tzu he zigzags. Sometimes you see him going towards the east and sometimes towards the west, because he says east is west and west is east, they are together, they are one. He believes in the unity of the opposites. And that is how life is.

"So Lao Tzu is just a spokesman of life. If life is absurd, Lao Tzu is absurd; if life has an absurd logic to it, Lao Tzu has the same logic to it. Lao Tzu simply reflects life. He doesn't add anything to it, he doesn't choose out of it; he simply accepts whatsoever it is" – Osho

In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:
moment... light... love... live... emptiness... analogy... wise... mahavira... diogenes... picasso...
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