The Tantra Experience (New Edition)

This is Volume 1 of the series title Tantra Vision.
Talks on The Royal Song of Saraha
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An absorbing book about the relationship between Saraha, an affluent young Brahmin, and a lower-cast arrowsmith woman – he as disciple and she as his Tantric master.
An absorbing book about the relationship between Saraha, an affluent young Brahmin, and a lower-cast arrowsmith woman – he as disciple and she as his Tantric master.

Excerpt from: The Tantra Experience, Chapter 8
"Tantra says: Don’t avoid sex and don’t avoid death. That’s why Saraha went to the cremation ground to meditate – not to avoid death. And he went with the arrowsmith woman to live a life of healthy, full sex, of optimum sex. On the cremation ground, living with a woman, these two centers had to be relaxed: death and sex. Once you accept death and you are not afraid of it, once you accept sex and you are not afraid of it, your two lower centers are relaxed.

"And those are the two lower centers which have been damaged by the society, badly damaged. Once they are relieved… The other five centers are not damaged. There is no need to damage them because people don’t live in those other five centers. These two centers are naturally available. Birth has happened: the sex center, muladhar. And death is going to happen: svadhishthan, the second center. These two things are there in everybody’s life, so society has destroyed both centers and tried to manipulate man, dominate man, through these two things.

"Tantra says: Meditate while you make love, meditate while somebody dies; go, watch, see. Sit by the side of a dying man. Feel, participate in his death. Go in deep meditation with the dying man. And when a man is dying there is a possibility to have a taste of death, because when a man is dying he releases so much energy from the svadhishthan chakra… He has to release because he is dying. The whole repressed energy on the svadhishthan chakra will be released because he is dying; without releasing it he will not be able to die. So when a man dies or a woman dies, don’t miss the opportunity. If you are close by to a dying man, sit silently, meditate silently. When the man dies, in a sudden burst the energy will be all over, and you can have a taste of death. And that will give you a great relaxation. Yes, death happens, but nobody dies. Yes, death happens, but in fact death never happens.

"While making love, meditate so that you can know that something of samadhi penetrates into sexuality. And while meditating on death, go deep into it so that you can see that something of the deathless enters into death. These two experiences will help you to go upwards very easily. The other five centers fortunately are not destroyed; they are perfectly in tune, just energy has to move through them. If these first two centers are helped, energy starts moving. So let death and love be your two objects of meditation." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:
ego… god… heart… moments… problems… truth… present… saraha… socrates… jung
?With Osho as a guide Tantra can give you a new perspective, a new way of looking at yourself and at life, a new way of living in harmony with existence for Tantra is not an intellectual proposal, it is pure experience."

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