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  1. A Synthesis between Zorba and Buddha

    Talk #22 from the series The Vol.1 Last Testament
    This is a fascinating recording of an interview with Osho, while at the commune in the USA, answering questions for the first time from the world’s press. Learn More
  2. Does a Flower Need Religion?

    Talk #30 from the series From Darkness to Light
    "It is one of the most basic questions that can be asked. The first thing to understand is, who is a pagan? It is not what Christians go on calling a pagan. The pagan is..." Learn More
  3. Don't Drop – Transform!

    Talk #20 from the series From Darkness to Light
    "The I, the ego, is not something separate from the misery, that's why it is absolutely impossible for anyone to drop it. Who is going to drop it? They are not two, the dropper and..." Learn More
  4. Each Moment a Resurrection

    "Humanity has suffered more because we have lived in divisions than for any other reason.
    "Man is one organic whole. This has to be your fundamental understanding: there is no way to cut off any..." Learn More
  5. Existence Does Not like Carbon Copies

    How would you like to introduce yourself to the Greek people?
    "My God! Can't you recognize me? I am the same person you have poisoned twenty-five centuries ago. You have forgotten me, but I have..." Learn More
  6. Happy People Are Dangerous

    Talk #2 from the series Vol. 2 Come Follow to You
    "Roses are red
    Violets are bluish,
    If it wasn't for Jesus
    We'd all be Jewish.'
    Please comment.

    "We still are. Jesus could not succeed. To be Jewish has nothing to do with any race. It is..." Learn More
  7. Let GoThe Cure for the Disease of Becoming

    Talk #20 from the series Beyond Enlightenment
    "I first have to reply to the question that I received before. The question was important. I never postpone a question because one never knows what is going to happen tomorrow. I may be here..." Learn More
  8. Live on the Razor's Edge

    Talk #16 from the series The Rebel
    "It is an old association, and a misunderstanding, that to be a nonconformist is to be a rebel. The nonconformist is a reactionary; he acts out of anger, rage, violence and ego. His action is..." Learn More
  9. Mystics Have to Use Your Language

    Talk #4 from the series The Vol. 1 Perfect Master
    Whatever you say seems to be right from the point of view of what you are saying at that moment. But it may be contradictory. You draw the listeners in one direction confirming a particular point, and at the same time you go via the back door to the opposite point. …
    Learn More
  10. Nothing to Choose, Nothing to Discard

    Talk #12 from the series No-Mind: The Flowers of Eternity
    "One absolutely innocent man has been hanged yesterday morning. The High Court had no evidence against him – not even circumstantial evidence, not even any technical loophole – but he was sentenced to death..." Learn More
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