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  1. A New Way of Science

    "Amrito, the world has come so close to a point of crisis that the so-called thinkers of the world simply avoid talking about the coming suicide. It is not far away; by the end of..." Learn More
  2. Asking the Experts

    Talk #4 from the series Just Like That
    "Is existence a problem? If it is a problem, then philosophers can help, then experts are useful. But philosophers have failed utterly. For centuries and centuries they have been thinking and thinking. Nothing comes out..." Learn More
  3. Beginningless Beginning, Endless End

    Talk #8 from the series The Supreme Doctrine
    "Knowledge of the ultimate is paradoxical for many reasons. One, the very claim that one knows becomes a hindrance because the moment you say, 'I know,' you are not only emphasizing knowledge; you are also..." Learn More
  4. Enlightenment: The By-Product of Being in the Present

    Talk #36 from the series Light on the Path
    "The whole so-called philosophy of sociology is very superficial, for the simple reason that society does not exist. What exists is the individual.
    "Sociology begins from the wrong end. It starts studying social relationships amongst..." Learn More
  5. Love Is a Very Unscientific Idea

    Talk #17 from the series From Darkness to Light
    "Science as such has no intrinsic value like life, like love, like blissfulness. These are ends in themselves. Science is only a means. This is the most essential thing to be understood.
    "Science is concerned..." Learn More
  6. Meditation: The Door from Slavery to Freedom

    Talk #18 from the series From Darkness to Light
    "It is one of the most fundamental differences between the outer and the inner.
    "The outer is ruled by laws:
    "The inner is just freedom.
    "Consciousness knows no laws. It is matter that needs laws...." Learn More
  7. Meditation: The Science of Awareness

    "Science discovers, art invents, religion does both. The true religion discovers; the pseudo-religion invents. And down the ages it is the pseudo-religion that has prevailed over the human mind. It is nothing but fiction. It is closer to art, and absolutely against science..." Learn More
  8. Science and Religion – Two Petals of the Same Rose

    Talk #11 from the series From Darkness to Light
    "The very idea of synthesis already accepts that they are not only two but opposed to each other. Unless there is an antithesis there is no question of synthesis at all.
    "For me, science and religion are two sides of the same coin...." Learn More
  9. Science Has to Be Religious

    Talk #21 from the series From Death to Deathlessness
    "It has been one of the greatest misfortunes that science is not religious. It can be religious and it should be religious.
    "Science is only a method. It has no direction, no values; it is..." Learn More
  10. The Art of Dying

    Talk #16 from the series Vedanta: Seven Steps to Samadhi
    "The first three stages are just like the waking state of the mind, the surface of your personality – just a fragment, the part where waves exist. The fourth and the fifth stages are deeper..." Learn More
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