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  1. A New Phase

    I never did get turned on by classical music, and art galleries bored me silly. So, is it possible to go directly from the first layer, the head, to the third layer, the center, and sort of bypass all this aesthetic garbage?
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  2. Be Like a Hollow Bamboo

    Talk #4 from the series Tantra: The Supreme Understanding

    "The song continues:
    Do naught with the body but relax.
    Shut firm the mouth and silent remain;
    empty your mind and think of naught.
    Like a hollow bamboo, rest at ease with your body.Hellip;

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  3. Choose the New

    Talk #7 from the series Vol. 1 The Pathless Path Tao
    "Philosophy is the enemy of truth. And when I say philosophy I mean all philosophy, mine included, because the philosophy creates a screen of words and you cannot see the reality as it is. It..." Learn More
  4. Death: The Climax of Life

    Talk #9 from the series The Supreme Doctrine
    In the fourth step of the morning meditation, in the effort to keep the body frozen or dead, one tends to become tense. As this is the step of relaxation and total let-go, how is one to relax and also be frozen at the same time? Rather than ecstasy, it becomes a tension.
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  5. Forget the Periphery

    Talk #71 from the series The Book of Secrets
    "Life without is a cyclone – a constant conflict, turmoil, struggle. But it is only so on the surface – just as on the surface of the ocean are waves, maddening noise, constant struggle. But..." Learn More
  6. I Need Your Intelligence, Not Your Surrender

    Talk #33 from the series The Transmission of the Lamp
    "The attitude of not surrendering is in everyone. It is something natural. It simply means that nature wants you to be yourself, not somebody else's idea of you.
    "So when such a situation arises in..." Learn More
  7. Inaction, Relaxation, a Total Let-Go

    Talk #7 from the series Undone Tao
    "Life is not a problem. Rather, it is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved. But it becomes a problem; and it becomes a problem because you go on postponing things..." Learn More
  8. Moving to the Roots

    Talk #50 from the series The Book of Secrets
    "The outer cannot change the inner, but the outer can help, or it can hinder. The outer can create a situation in which the inner can explode more easily. The thing to be remembered is..." Learn More
  9. The Art of Let-Go

    "The world needs workaholics. It needs people to be slaves, to be proletarians, to be laborers and function just like machines; hence all the so-called moralists and puritans have been teaching people that work has..." Learn More
  10. The Field of Awakening

    Talk #25 from the series The Rebel
    "It is true that the suffering and misery of the world is enormous; and at the same time the world is so beautiful, so divine. What is creating this contradiction? The contradiction does not exist..." Learn More
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