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  1. Dissolving the Five Afflictions

    Talk #5 from the series The Alchemy of Yoga
    "Life seems to be an endless chain of miseries. From birth to death one suffers and suffers; still one wants to live. One continues to cling to life.
    "Albert Camus has said somewhere, and very..." Learn More
  2. Life's Aim Is Life Itself

    Talk #26 from the series The Hidden Splendor
    "Life has no aim other than itself, because life is another name for God himself. Everything else in the world can have an aim, can be a means to an end, but at least one..." Learn More
  3. New Alchemy, Talks 5, 6 and 7

    "Three sutras, basic for life transformation, are ultimate in a way. The first:
    be non-ambitious.
    Kill out ambition.

    "Totally. Unless ambition is killed you will remain in misery. Ambition is the source of all misery...." Learn More
  4. Nirvana: The Last Nightmare

    Audiobooks – Series of Talks
    Why does Osho say "Nirvana is the last and ultimate nightmare?" What is it about wanting to improve ourselves that is so enticingly hopeful, yet seemingly unattainable, reinforcing that all too familiar uneasiness associated with never being fully at peace with oneself? Learn More
  5. The Miracle of Understanding

    Talk #5 from the series Talking Tao
    "Man is like an onion, exactly like an onion; layers and layers of personality; and behind all those layers is hidden the essence.
    "That essence is like emptiness, shunya, void. It is more like non-being..." Learn More
  6. To Define Is to Confine Existence Has No Boundaries

    Talk #2 from the series From Personality to Individuality
    "The word meaning is irrelevant to life.
    "Life is neither meaningful nor meaningless. But for centuries man's mind has been conditioned to believe that life has great meaning. All that meaning was arbitrary. Hence only..." Learn More
  7. Understanding the Logic of Softness

    Talk #7 from the series Talking Tao
    "Life is a river, a flow, a continuum, with no beginning and no end. It is not going somewhere, it is always here. It is not going from somewhere to somewhere else, it is always..." Learn More
  8. With Nothing to Lose

    How can we prepare ourselves for death?

    "Don't accumulate anything whatever: power, money, prestige, virtue, knowledge, even the so-called spiritual experiences. Don't accumulate. If you don't accumulate you are ready to die..." Learn More
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