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  1. Almost Drunk with Emotion

    "There is certainly something very similar in very different emotions: the overwhelmingness. It may be love, it may be hate, it may be anger – it can be anything. If it is too much then..." Learn More
  2. Emotional Wellness

    AudioBook – Selected Talk
    "Unconsciousness is the basement of the mind. In your unconscious many things are buried which find expression through your conscious." Osho Learn More
  3. Emotional Wellness

    Talk #10 from the series The Transmission of the Lamp
    "The real values are not buried in the unconscious – the real values are revealed when you move above consciousness to the super-consciousness.
    "What is buried in the unconscious is what is making man's life..." Learn More
  4. The Pulse of the Universe

    Talk #7 from the series Vol. 1 Zen: The Path of Paradox
    "What is meditation? Meditation is to be in harmony – within and without. Meditation is to be in harmony. Meditation is to be the harmony.
    "Man has lost himself because he has lost this harmony...." Learn More
  5. Truth, Goodness, Beauty: Windows to the Divine

    Missing audio, or a translation from Hindi.
    Talk #10 from the series The Psychology of the Esoteric
    Sorry, this talk is not available on audio.
    "These are not the qualities of godliness. Rather, they are our experiences of it. They do not belong to the divine as such; they are our perceptions. The divine, by itself, is unknowable. Either it..." Learn More
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