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  1. A Man of Zen

    Talk #36 from the series The Path of the Mystic
    "First, it certainly needs courage to be with me. But once you are with me, all the fears created by the mind start disappearing and a new courage, a new sincerity, takes their place. Slowly..." Learn More
  2. A New Concept of Consciousness

    Listening to you in the discourse, it is the pauses, the gaps, between two sentences, two words, that roll in my ears like thunder, tearing me open and tearing me apart.
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  3. Blind Man's Bluff

    Talk #6 from the series Just Like That
    "Man is ignorant, blind, as if living in sleep, drunk, not aware. This is the situation. This has always been so. Many cures have been invented, many methods to awaken him. But he resists. So..." Learn More
  4. Courage Is a Love Affair with the Unknown

    Talk #9 from the series From Misery to Enlightenment
    "It is very simple, and yet not so easy to explain to you. The reason is that it relates to your past life. Now, as far as I am concerned it is a reality. As..." Learn More
  5. Courage Means Freedom

    Cutting the Root of Misery
    Talk #10 from the series Sitting in Zen Walking in Zen
    "There is no goal of meditation. Meditation is the dropping of all goals, hence it can't have a goal of its own; that will be against its very nature. Goals exist in the future; meditation..." Learn More
  6. Existence Is Never Wrong

    I feel very grateful towards you. Since I took sannyas, my life has changed and I have started to enjoy myself. But there is still the doer in me. I would like to produce more beautiful books, especially on you. It is still difficult for me to combine business and meditation. Can you please comment on this?
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  7. Original Innocence

    Talk #4 from the series The Revolution
    You said the other day, 'Just love and accept yourself.' Gradually self-acceptance has been growing in my life. I have had several moments of experiencing unconditional love from the universe.

    In these three weeks since becoming a sannyasin, the most difficult and mind-blowing experience for me has been the reality of your unconditional acceptance of me and everything I am and do. I feel it like a soft caressing smoke from some distant fire enveloping me and penetrating the walls of my ego. Through so many ways your unconditional acceptance comes to me for the first time in my life. I weep as I write. What is happening?
    " Learn More
  8. Tao: The Ultimate Synthesis

    Talk #1 from the series Vol. 2 The Pathless Path Tao
    "Tao means transcendence – transcendence of all duality, transcendence of all polarity, transcendence of all opposites. Tao is the ultimate synthesis – the synthesis of man and woman, of positive and negative, life and death..." Learn More
  9. The Courage to Be Noncompetitive

    Talk #7 from the series The Vol. 2 Perfect Master
    "Religion is a risk, a rebellion, and a rebirth, Religion is not a consolation, it is not conformity, it is not convention. Religion is not part of the world – it is something of the..." Learn More
  10. The Wanderer

    Talk #8 from the series Zarathustra: The Laughing Prophet
    "One of the most fundamental things to be understood by all those who are in search – in search of a path, in search of a direction, in search of a meaning, in search of..." Learn More
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