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  1. A Beginning with No End

    Talk #8 from the series The Path of the Mystic
    "One distinction has to be understood, the distinction between brain and mind. The brain is part of the body. Every child is born with a fresh brain but not with a fresh mind. Mind is..." Learn More
  2. Become Each Being

    Talk #77 from the series The Book of Secrets
    "Existence as such is one. The human problem arises because of human self-consciousness. Consciousness gives everyone a feeling that they are separate, and the feeling that you are separate from existence creates all the problems...." Learn More
  3. Bring the Dawn, Dispel the Darkness

    Talk #11 from the series The Razor's Edge
    "The question that you have asked has tremendous implications in it. First, there have been many civilizations before our civilization which have reached to even higher peaks, but they all destroyed themselves because all those..." Learn More
  4. Encountering the Unconscious

    Talk #6 from the series The Vol. 1 Ultimate Alchemy
    "The unconscious is not really unconscious. Rather, it is only less conscious. So the difference between conscious and unconscious is not of polar opposites, but of degrees. The unconscious and conscious are related, joined, they..." Learn More
  5. Kaivalya Upanishads: Authentic Knowledge

    Based on original chapters #33, #34
    Talk #12 from the series That Art Thou
    "That Art Thou" is a series of talks given by Osho on the Upanishads during different meditation camps. Learn More
  6. Learn the Art of Living

    Talk #24 from the series From Bondage to Freedom
    "It is true about Kahlil Gibran, but not true about love. Kahlil Gibran suffered much despair, anguish. He was not what you find him in his immensely important books, The Prophet, The Garden Of The..." Learn More
  7. Life Is Hilarious

    Talk #28 from the series The New Dawn
    "It is one of the traps every meditator is prone to fall into. The name of the trap is seriousness. You are taking things too seriously. The moment you become serious about anything, it creates..." Learn More
  8. Right Questioning

    Text missing at 62 mins 33 secs "...infatuation is not allowed to accumulate. Sex is so easily available that marriage cannot exist. Love too cannot exist with this kind of freedom..."
    Talk #11 from the series The Psychology of the Esoteric
    "Do not ask theoretical questions, because theories solve less and confuse more. If there are no theories, there will be fewer problems. So it is not that theories solve questions or problems. On the contrary..." Learn More
  9. Sermons in Stones

    Audiobooks – Series of Talks
    Answering seeker′s questions Osho explores the theme of the individual′s responsibility in creating the world we live in. Learn More
  10. Struggling for the New Man

    Talk #10 from the series From Bondage to Freedom
    "Man has not evolved as far as consciousness is concerned. Thousands of years have passed; man's stupidity remains the same.
    "Jesus has promised to come back, but I assure you he will not come. One..." Learn More
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