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  1. The World of Emotions

    Creating a milieu of friendliness around yourself
    Also Available As: eBook 
    A unique set of tools for everybody who is interested in improving human relations, and a great help in understanding where we are all coming from and what makes us tick. Full of simple, practical suggestions for creating a milieu of friendliness around yourself that is honest, sincere, and accepting of all our human frailties. Learn More
  2. You Are In Prison and You Think You Are Free

    Also Available As: Series of Audiobooks 
    This book is about the starting point of all personal and spiritual growth, the realization of your own reality. Osho introduces George Gurdjieff, one of the most significant masters of this age. He used to say, "You are in prison." Learn More
  3. Zen Is a Revolution

    In this talk Osho takes his audience into the world of ZEN. "There are a few essential things which make Zen absolutely different from any kind of teaching. The most important of these essentials is that Zen is a revolution. Learn More
  4. The Broken Family

    "The conventional family is already out of date. It has served its purpose, and it has no future. Psychologically it is very dangerous for the child to be confined to only two parents." Osho Learn More
  5. Watch and Wait

    Watch and wait are two well known maxims from the world of meditation. Osho responds her to questions on 'Relaxing and Waking Up' and 'The Difference between Instinct and Intuition'. It is the simplicity and personal impact which makes Osho's works so accessible for every reader. Learn More
  6. Next Time You Feel Lonely

    "The darkness of loneliness cannot be fought directly. It is something essential for everyone to understand, that there are a few fundamental things which cannot be changed. This is one of the fundamentals: you cannot..." Learn More
  7. Next Time you Feel Suicidal

    I come from a family where there are four suicides on the maternal side, including my grandmother. How does this affect one's death? What helps to overcome this perversion of death which runs as a theme through the family?
    Learn More
  8. Superficially Civilized

    "Unconsciousness is the basement of the mind. In your unconscious many things are buried which find expression through your conscious." Osho Learn More
  9. The Secret of Meditation

    One of the most fascinating talks by Osho on meditation. We gain a deeper understanding and an actual experience about meditation by listening to this talk, which brings us into a space of meditation. Learn More
  10. Why Should I Grieve Now?

    Why Should I Grieve Over Him?
    "The most fundamental religious truth is that man is asleep – not physically, but metaphysically; not apparently, but deep down. Man lives in a deep slumber. He works, he moves, he thinks, he imagines, he..." Learn More
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