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  1. Why Is Communication So Difficult, Particularly Between Lovers?

    Communication between lovers is an issue almost everybody has to deal with and Osho gives a very unique insight to this question: "Communication as such is difficult. Of course it is more difficult between lovers. But first you have to understand the general difficulty of communication..." Learn More
  2. Bringing Up Children

    Help your child – protect him from yourself!
    Talk #3 of the Series, From Darkness to Light
    Also Available As: Series of Audiobooks 
    Osho responds to a question about the right way to help children to grow without interfering in their natural potentiality.

    "Every way to help a child is wrong.
    The very idea of helping is not right.
    The child needs your love, not your help.
    The child needs nourishment, support, but not your help." Osho Learn More
  3. Watchfulness, Awareness, Alertness

    How to explore the higher states of consciousness? According to Osho there are not many ways to explore higher levels of consciousness, there is but one: the way of awareness. "Man is almost unconscious. I say “almost” – there are moments, situations where he becomes conscious, but they are momentary" Learn More
  4. Love and Hate

    Just two sides of the same coin
    Question: You say that love and hate are one; but I see more hate in the world than love. At the same time, you say that enlightenment is neither love nor hate. Are you speaking of two different qualities of love? Learn More
  5. The Mind

    A beautiful servant, a dangerous master
    Osho analyses the function of the human mind in connection with meditation. Responding here to a question related to a space of 'no-mind' or mindfulness he says: "meditation covers a very long pilgrimage. When I say "meditation is witnessing", it is the beginning of meditation. Learn More
  6. The Miracle of Meditation

    Why am I always running so fast? Is there something that I don’t want to see? isten to this amazing response from Osho and how he unfolds a deeper understanding for the questioner and us. Learn More
  7. Mind and Body Are Not Two Things

    Purity and Power
    Also Available As: Series of Audiobooks 
    "Man is like an iceberg: only a part, a minor part, is visible on the surface; the major part of the whole is hidden beneath. Or, man is like a tree: the real life is..." Learn More
  8. Next Time You Feel Angry…

    "The true nature is your eternal nature. You cannot have it and not have it, it is not something that comes and goes – it is you. How can it come and go? It is..." Learn More
  9. The Man with the Inexplicable Life

    Also Available As: Series of Audiobooks 
    The story of Mojud which Osho introduces here is one of the greatest stories. It has that special flavor that only a Sufi story can have. It is incomparable. It is not just a story; Sufi stories are not just stories. Learn More
  10. When Eternity Penetrates Time

    Also Available As: Series of Audiobooks  Book 
    Time is that in which we live -- it is horizontal. It is from A to B to C to D; it is in a line. Eternity is vertical. It is not from A to B and from B to C. It is from A to more A to still more A. Learn More
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