In Search of the Miraculous

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This is an unusual and fascinating read for anyone who is interested in the practical application of the esoteric aspects of mysticism, and the science of human energy as it is understood in the East.
This is an unusual and fascinating read for anyone who is interested in the practical application of the esoteric aspects of mysticism, and the science of human energy as it is understood in the East.

Excerpt from: In Search of the Miraculous, Chapter 9
"Breathing hits the kundalini, the basic center of energy. And as your experience deepens you will clearly see, even with closed eyes, the exact spot where it is hit by the breathing. It often happens that with this hammering of the kundalini by breathing deeply, a person gets sexually aroused. It happens because your body is only acquainted with the experience of sex being aroused when you are breathing deeply. So as a matter of habit, the body begins to move in the familiar direction of sex whenever you breathe deep and fast. And that is the reason why many seekers – both men and women – have the feeling that deep breathing immediately stimulates their sex center.

"A number of people had similar experiences in the presence of Gurdjieff, and it was just natural. Many women felt that their sex centers were hit and stimulated as soon as they approached him. This was only natural. And because of it Gurdjieff was much misunderstood and maligned, although he was not at all at fault. The blame should not lie at his door. The fact is that the vibrations around a person whose kundalini is awakened are such that they begin to affect another’s kundalini as soon as they go near him. And since your kundalini is asleep near your sex center, the vibrations of the awakened one hit at your sex center. That is how it happens at the first contact.

"Deep and fast breathing is bound to have a profound effect on the kundalini. And all the centers, which you call chakras, are nothing but resting places for the kundalini on its journey. These are the centers through which the kundalini passes. There are many such centers, and there are different estimates of the number of them. But broadly speaking there are seven important centers where the kundalini, while moving up and down, is likely to halt and rest for a while. And the kundalini will have its effect when it comes in contact with them. Its first effects will be felt on the center which is your most active one. For instance, if a person is constantly working with his brain, then with deep breathing his head will become very heavy. This is because his brain center happens to be his most active center. The first impact of breathing will be felt in his head, his active center, and it will become heavy. And if a person is sexual, his sex center will be stimulated first. Similarly a loving person will find his love stimulated, enhanced and flowing. And if someone is emotional, their emotions will be heightened.

"So first the most active center will be hit and stimulated by deep and fast breathing. But very soon it will begin to affect other centers too. And thus a change, a transformation of the personality, begins on many levels simultaneously. You will start to realize that you are changing; that you are not the same person that you were up to now.

We don’t realize that there are very many possibilities within each one of us. We are familiar only with our active and dominant center, which is where we exist. So when another center opens up, we feel that our old personality is gone and a new person has come in its place, or we feel as if we are not the same as we were before. It is like this: I am aware of only one room in the house where I live, and I carry the imprint of this room in my mind. And suddenly one day a door opens and another room appears before me. Then my whole mental map of the house will undergo a change. Now the house that I had thought was mine will be a very different house, and I will need to arrange it anew.

"So as the various centers are hit and activated, new dimensions of your life will begin to unfold and manifest themselves. And when all the centers become active together – that is, when energy is flowing through them all equally – then for the first time we will live a whole life; we will live totally." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:
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