Body Mind Balancing

Using Your Mind to Heal Your Body
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Understanding how relaxation and meditation can help you reconnect with and heal your body, complete with a guided audio process on CD
Understanding how relaxation and meditation can help you reconnect with and heal your body, complete with a guided audio process on CD

Excerpt from: Body Mind Balancing, Preface

Doctors and scientists have now come to recognize what common sense has always told us – that there is a deep connection between body and mind, and it profoundly affects our overall physical health and sense of well being. Researchers have found that nearly half our physical ailments are stress-related. And the "placebo effect" – where people get better just because they believe that a certain treatment or medicine is going to help them, even if they are only taking a sugar pill – is well documented. 

"It’s all in your head" – most of us have heard this expression more than once in our lives when we were complaining about this or that physical ailment or emotional difficulty… and although we might have denied it, we probably secretly suspected it was true. The problem is that just intellectually understanding that "it’s all in my head" doesn’t help. As Osho points out often in his talks, the thin layer of the conscious mind – the part that intellectually understands something – is only a tenth of our reality. The unconscious layers are far bigger, and when we’re not in touch with them they can be far more powerful. 

It is this set of relationships – between the conscious and unconscious layers of the mind, and their influence on the body and our overall sense of well being – that Osho addresses in a revolutionary technique he developed in 1989. It started as an experiment with his own body, when his shoulder was giving him a great deal of pain. Osho told his shoulder to "drop the pain" and it did – literally! – as the pain dropped from the shoulder first into the arm, and then the leg. But he kept on experimenting, and invited others also to experiment with a technique of talking to the body and asking it to drop pain, that it was no longer needed and once gone there was no need to bring it back. Over the next few days and weeks, "Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to the Body-Mind" was born.

With the publication of this book-and-CD package, this process becomes available to individuals who can practice it on their own, and health professionals and counselors who can recommend it to their clients.

In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:
love… look… center… ego… meditation… change… balance… body… mind… awareness…
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