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Two hundred original Series of Talks are available, as Individual Talks, and as Selected or Excerpted Talks.

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  1. No-Mind Is the Door

    "There are two ways to approach reality: the way of the intellect and the way of intelligence. The way of the intellect is to theorize about it, is to think about it, is to speculate..." Learn More
  2. Breaking the Four Seals

    "Tantra is transcendence. It is neither indulgence nor repression. It is walking on a tightrope, it is one of the greatest of balances. It is not as easy as it appears, it needs very delicate..." Learn More
  3. The Innate Truth

    Also Available As: Book  Series of Audiobooks 
    "The song continues:The practice of mantra and paramita: instruction in the sutras
    and precepts, and teaching from the schools and scriptures,
    will not bring realization of the innate truth, for if the mind
    when filled with some desire should seek a goal,
    it only hides the light.…
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  4. Love Is the Language

    "Ah, the beauty of existence! The sheer delight of it! The joy, the song, and the dance! But we are not here. We appear to exist, but we are almost nonexistential, because we have lost..." Learn More
  5. Learning through Action

    "Gautama the Buddha is the greatest master who has ever walked on the earth. Christ is a great master, so is Krishna, so is Mahavira, so is Mohammed, and many more, but Buddha still remains..." Learn More
  6. The Authentic Word

    "The question is from Avesh. What you were doing before you came to me is not the same as I am asking you to do now. You were working under the same fallacy – that..." Learn More
  7. Tantric Meditation Using Light

    Also Available As: eBook  Book  Book 
    "Man can be considered in three ways: in terms of the normal, the abnormal and the supernormal. Western psychology is basically concerned with the abnormal, the pathological, with the man who has fallen down from..." Learn More
  8. The Spirituality of the Tantric Sex Act

    Also Available As: eBook  Book  Book 
    "Sigmund Freud has said somewhere that man is born neurotic. This is a half-truth. Man is not born neurotic, but he is born in a neurotic humanity and the society around drives everyone neurotic sooner..." Learn More
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