Happiness, Pleasure, Joy, Bliss

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From:From Personality to Individuality

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Happiness, Pleasure, Joy, and Bliss are addressed here by Osho and we learn the different levels of development.
Happiness, Pleasure, Joy, Bliss
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Happiness, Pleasure, Joy, and Bliss are addressed here by Osho and we learn the different levels of development.

Talk from the original series: From Personality to Individuality, #26
Osho continues:
"Bliss has no counterpart to it. That is the first thing to understand. Pleasure has pain, happiness has unhappiness, but bliss has nothing as a counterpart; it is an organic whole. Gautam the Buddha used to say, ‘If you taste the ocean from anywhere, it is salty. &rlsquo; So is the case with the bliss: you can taste it from any corner, from any space, from any direction – it is just blissfulness. There is nothing opposite to it.

"Bliss is the only experience in life which has no polar opposite to it. That′s why, once you are blissful, you cannot fall back. There is no way to be unblissful again. I have tried but nothing succeeds.

"In Japan they have the statue of Bodhidharma – in Japanese his name has changed to Daruma. There is a doll called a Daruma doll, which was made according to a statement of Bodhidharma′s. He said, ‘What ever you do, you cannot put me upside down; I will always be upside up, downside down. ’

"This statement gave an idea to a toymaker to make a doll. It is heavy at the bottom, so you throw the doll any way and it always returns to sit in the lotus posture. You push it, throw it, hit it, do whatever you can do, but it represents Bodhidharma – it always settles in a lotus posture.

"So is the case with bliss: whatever you do to it, whatever happens around you, it is absolutely the same, unchanging.

"Bliss has some quality of pleasure in it, it has some quality of happiness in it; but it is much more. And the plus is that you feel absolutely fulfilled, contented, with no desire, no expectation. This very moment you are where everybody wants to be, and there is a tremendous feeling that more than this is not possible; there is no way. It is just as there can be nothing bigger than the sky; it is unbounded. It is inconceivable to the mind, because the mind can only conceive limited things. Here you can feel how limited the mind is. It cannot even conceive something unlimited.

"The sky is there, without boundaries. You cannot come to a point where you can say, ‘Here is the boundary.’ Just think about it. How can you say, ‘Here is the boundary?’ – because a boundary means that something must be beyond the boundary. Two things are needed, absolutely needed, to make a boundary. If there is nothing beyond, then nothing is making a boundary; then there is no boundary, you will have to go into nothing. But you can never come to a point where you will find a board: ‘Here ends the universe.’ It ends nowhere, it begins nowhere. The same is the experience of bliss.

"Bliss is within you, without you.
"Bliss is in life, it is in death.
"It is when you are healthy, it is when you are sick.
"It is when you are young, it is when you are old.

"Nothing makes any difference to bliss.

"Bliss is simply transcendental to all that exists in the universe.

"And because it is universal, everywhere – within you, within mehowsoever difficult it may be to explain it, to experience it is not so difficult. Let me repeat my statement because that may look a little crazy: To explain bliss is more difficult than to experience it." Osho
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