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Open up to a new world of possibilities:
A revolutionary meditation approach for contemporary people
Open up to a new world of possibilities:
A revolutionary meditation approach for contemporary people

OSHO Radio: Silence Shared in Words – 24/7
OSHO Radio plays OSHO Talks continuously. A new series is uploaded every week. Your subscription includes English and Hindi talks.

OSHO iMeditate: Enjoy 16 Key OSHO Meditations
You have tried just sitting, and it drives you nuts. Those sitting meditations were not created for contemporary people, but for people who lived a long time ago, in a very different world. That is why these OSHO Active Meditations were created. You release whatever emotions are rumbling inside, you dance, you hum, you just let go and feel the delight of then being able to be silent. Also includes the daily OSHO Evening Meeting meditation.

OSHO Play: OSHO Audio Series and Music from the World of OSHO
Discover the true essence of Tantra, Yoga, Zen or the Eastern or Western Mystics with hundreds of OSHO Talks in English and Hindi. Delve into meditation, learn what it means to understand love, ego, life and death from 17 playlist of most searched topics, create your own playlists – including music from the World of OSHO.

OSHO TV: OSHO Talks on Video
On OSHO TV you can access fifty different OSHO video at any one time. Answers to questions from seekers, his replies to press and some very intimate biographical talks. A new video is added each week.

OSHO Zen Tarot: Award Winning Game of Zen
The world’s most popular Zen-based, Tarot Deck. The OSHO Zen Tarot is a deck with 79 beautifully designed cards that allow your gain insights into your situation, right now. It is based on the understanding that the future always remains unknown, reflecting the essential mystery of life itself.

OSHO Transformation Tarot: 60 Illustrated Parables for Everyday Life
The OSHO Transformation Tarot is a deck of beautifully designed cards which contains parables and stories from the world’s greatest traditions.
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